Simplicity Cannot be Bought with Money

Chairman’s Message

We believe that every organizations's sustainable growth relies on our consistency in creating value that our society needs. Improving the capabilities and initiatives will contribute and provide solutions for many social adversaries that our community will face.

Establishing steady growth is achieved by strengthening the ability to generate new value with business partners and clients in the UAE.

The world has made an abrupt shift that affected every person, community, and business. Social issues amplify the importance of the private sector, in helping the society around us. In order to achieve enduring growth that will last decades, we make sure that our business activities do not only benefit an organization but also the society.

Enriching people's lives is what drives us to create new value while acting on the organization's principles. We will aim to stay ahead and shape the future.

H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin
Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan

About Al Nahyan Family

The Al Nahyan family has been in existence since the 18th Century and is an influential family especially in the GCC and the world itself. The regional and foreign connections of the name are associated with open mindedness and philanthropically in nature.

CEO's Message

Private Office of Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan was started with a vision that business should not only be done for monetary benefits as the primary goal. It is a way to achieve the primary goal which is philanthropy, sustainability and overall growth. Whether it’s an idea “that could change the world” or Empowering an existing to business to reach its maximum potential. The entity exists to help businesses grow, with a highly skilled and professional team to make sure that business is done in the right way.

Ahmed Elmetwally

CEO / General Manager

Our Private Office does extensive research and investment into into the four basic necessities for humankind


Food Security & Trading


Property Development


Research & Development


Asset Management

Primary Partners