Real Estate

Land, is a finite resource. Thus will always be in demand at a certain point as world population rises.

Private Office has sizeable interests in Real Estate developments in Germany, UAE and many other countries.

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Agro Tech

As world population rises and food shortages are a norm, it is only logical that food sector and technology shall be the next game changer. It is imperative that we invest in the future now to be prepared for tough times ahead, not only since it will be gold mine; also that it will help the world find a solution to food shortages.

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Private office has immense interest in the Healthcare sector and its variants, to promote well-being and affordable healthcare to the whole world.

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Sustainable Technologies

The Chairman believes that we have only one world, we humankind are the only rightful one’s to make an impact on this subject.

Proven sustainable technologies always irk our interests,

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